mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma treatment is not a cure treatment, as the disease didn’t find its one hundred percent cure yet. Leaving from the classic surgery which has proven to be a big disappointment, the treatment found so far for these people is less hopeful than for any other disease. The malignant mesothelioma is even hard to treat due to the way it is developing making almost impossible for doctors to remove any parts of the dead tissue or ill tissue from the body so the spread can be brought to a stop line. We started the list of mesothelioma treatment with the surgery and we said it has been a disappointment because the life expectancy growth was only of 11, 7 months after the surgery took place.

It’s not much considering the fact the disease is a hidden killer that attacks after 20 or 30 years of underground activity. Consolidating the surgery doctors added the radiation, but it is only recommended for those that can bear it as it is even more painful and heath consuming, putting a big risk over the patient. What’s even more demolishing is the fact that radiation alone cannot be considered a curative procedure, but results were shown when radiation was combined with surgery and chemotherapy, which brings us next to the next procedure for the mesothelioma treatment. Hard to believe and even harder to bear, especially by a person that already suffers of this disease, chemotherapy has proven so far to be the only self induced treatment that can have realistic results in improving the health state of the patient and keeping under control the activity of the disease.

It may have not saved lives until now but it surely gained months or years of life for the patient and reduced as much as possible the effects of this terrible disease. Based on the incredible results of Duke’s University long term research, the United States FDA approved chemotherapy along with surgery and radiation as a combination of conventional therapies to fight against the mesothelioma, after studies proved a 50 point increase of disease remission.

On our list of meshotelioma treatment we add the immunotherapy and multimodality therapy which are used by some doctors and avoided by others because of the variable character of the results they showed by now. Other trials have prove though a 20% encouraging benefits and up to 50% increase of the cure expectancy without leading to unpleasant side effects. Modest improvement of survival was also proved by large series or examining multimodality therapies in the infinite tries to find a better mesothelioma treatment. One of the prognostic factors in determining the best way to fight against this disease is to know exactly the size of the tumor.

This factor is most important in malign tumors because it can affect the spread even more rapid of the ill cells. From the Washington Cancer Institute another procedure was developed, and it’s known as heated intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy. The one who first brought it into the attention of mesothelioma cancer patients was doctor Paul Sugarbaker.