mesothelioma symptoms

Mesothelioma symptoms are hidden in most of the cases and they can stay hidden up to 50 years after the individual was exposed to asbestos due to the nature of his job. Symptoms can vary from one form to another depending of course of the type of Cancer the patient is suffering. mesothelioma symptoms can begin with an ordinary chest pain or shortness in breath because the fluid between the mesothelium tissues are no longer scattered the same between the two layers. The same pain can be accused on the abdomen due to the pleura cancer of mesothelioma and it can take up to big losses of weight. More signs of this type of cancer can be hidden by bowel obstruction, blood clotting abnormalities, anemia, and fever or even problems swallowing, and unimaginable pain feelings. Mesothelioma symptoms are considered the swelling of the face or through and malfunctioning of other organs or parts of the body.

Fatigue or anemia, wheezing, hoarseness, or cough and blood in the sputum (fluid) coughed up (hemoptysis) and even severe ascites are added to the list. Cancer was never considered an easy sickness to bear and people suffering of this unthinkable disease are going through very hard times that few can fight. Mesothelioma symptoms can appear from nowhere and can be ignored easily due to the fact that many of them are similar to other illnesses and so the patient can have other treatment instead of making further investigations that can reveal the hidden death. Medical investigations used to diagnose this type of cancer start with biopsies, chest X-ray and CT scan. All these are meant to discover what is behind mesothelioma symptoms accused by an individual. It is always important not to take for granted any easy coming and easy going pain of state of fatigue because the sooner the disease is discovered the more the changes to recover increase.

Names as thoracoscopy, microscopic examination or other screening tests are basic examinations recommended to diagnose any strange and uncommon symptoms anyone accuses. Many patients feel other symptoms as fluid surrounding the lungs or a mass in the abdomen and problems of the bowel function. Low blood sugar level and skin getting yellow around the eyes cannot be signs to ignore especially when the person presenting them has worked in highly toxic environments. As the doctor says all the time, never underestimate a peculiar state of health and never think it can’t happen to you, because any of us can be the victim. Go and make investigations, read about all symptoms that you are feeling and don’t wait for others to react before you do. It’s your life at stake and you regret if the time is ticking faster than it does for others.