mesothelioma life expectancy

Mesothelioma life expectancy is so poor that some specialists fear to talk about it. One can even say it’s better to heal the pain and suffering of the patient as days are numbered and past so fast they can’t be tracked down. This form of cancer is so aggressive than it is unlikely to survive more than 5 years in terms of supervised treatment and intense medical care. Because people exposed years in the row to the asbestos action have shown signs of disease after 20 or 30 years after they worked in a toxic environment the hidden character of this mesothelioma cancer makes it difficult to be correctly diagnosed.

With mesothelioma symptoms similar to other ordinary disease or organs bad functioning activity, this rare form of cancer strikes when least expected and leaving no changes for a cure to be found. All the treatment procedures, typically and successfully used in other types of cancer have proven to be no good for these patients. The singular case of the biggest period of survival, with mesothelioma cancer, was the Australian Paul Kraus who lived 15 years after the first diagnose. This worst prognosis set for the mesothelioma life expectancy by specialists is given because of the long latency of the disease.

Another significant factor is the location of the disease in the body and the type of cancer. The general state of the patient’s health can help in increasing the survival years of the patient. Because the disease is targeting vital organs such as the lungs and the heart, having immediate effects on the functioning of these organs mesothelioma life expectancy is almost a “tabu” subject near the people suffering or the relatives. Because the effects of the cancer appear after two or three decades after the person has been exposed to the direct action of the asbestos fibers, patients over 65 years in age diminish their survival changes as the body is unable to fight against the aggressive attack of the disease.

Minimizing the survival years the spread of the disease in organs or parts of the body far from the point where it first appeared is cutting at the same time the mesothelioma life expectancy of the patient that in rare occasions can last up to 15 years or a decade like the American Rhio O’Connor. The entire beach of alternative treatment procedure found by scientist cannot enlarge the survival changes to more than few weeks or months since the disease was found and the fight began. Mesothelioma life expectancy has added new and unfortunately low limits in the survival period attributed to cancer patients.

We mentioned earlier the ages some of the patients have few years less or more than 65. A person this age is already suffering of other health issues and the body is too old and tired to respond quickly to all treatment procedures doctors try hoping to help or at least to bring more hope in the life of the patient. Is a known fact that fighting on the last yard with something so strong is a burden few can accept.