mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is a rare form of cancer that is due to the long term exposure to asbestos particles and many say it is the most serious form of cancer caused by the exposure on long and even short terms to asbestos particles. Unfortunately some doctors consider it more uncommon than rare because of the number of Americans that are suffering by this form of cancer, due to the years spent in mines were asbestos was extracted. mesothelioma cancer doesn’t have a cure yet, but it can be treated and kept under control with the strict supervision of medical personnel. Typical prognosis of this type of cancer has been improved over the years with chemotherapy and radiation that helps the doctors to have a certain percentage of control over the spread of the disease over the body of the patient.

The tissue surrounding the organs helps in the well functioning of the organs and anything affecting this tissue is affecting the organs in the nature’s domino game of mesothelioma cancer. These tumors or malignancies affect this tissue and if not diagnosed in time and treated it can end with death. Few people know there are also benign tumors of the mesothelioma but these forms are very rare than the malign ones. Starting the increased number or mines were asbestos was extracted in the 19th century, so this disease came into the attention of doctors and scientists from the medical world. Between 1970 and 1984 United States has lived a black period while more and more cases of mesothelioma cancer were discovered due to the four up to six decades prior this period when the industrial explosion of the asbestos mines took over in many parts of the nation.

Exposure of workers was present in almost every industry but scientists say the most common was the military industry, including for the navy shipyards workers. Even if the industry workers were predominant for males, women and children also suffered of this form of cancer, the mesothelioma cancer, as they were exposed to clothing or other belongings of their husbands and fathers. Discovered later than other forms of cancer, this type had developed three forms starting with epithelial variety which affects from 50% to 70% of the patients and goes to more aggressive forms as of the sarcomatoid and biphasic variety. Around the world, studies that were considered true revelations only in the 20th century, as mentioned earlier, and many of these studies come from South Africa, from the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the University of the Witswaterand from the Johannesburg General Hospital. Even if the most common forms were diagnosed for the pleural cavity, peritoneal and pericardial it was discovered an important but alarming number of cases were there were affected the testicles of men directly exposed to the asbestos particles by the nature of their job. Developing more and more, the treatments for this type of cancer include alternate treatments but the best results were registered after using the conventional treatment as it is more valuable for cancer patients.